So, this Sacred Heart diet seems to be working OK. Aside from me being absolutely fed up of eating nothing but fruit, veg and soup, I have gone from 216lbs to 205lbs in 2 days so far. I’m not one for diets, nor do I really know if that is good or not. Seems OK, although I really don’t feel any different. And I am craving a burger and fries like you have no idea!

11 lbs in 2 days. Not bad.


So Lauren (My wife) has us both started on a new diet this week. All I can eat is soup, fruit and veg. And that’s just today! It all changes tomorrow. Still soup, but different fruit, or something. I can’t have steak until, like, Saturday, or something! I need sustenance!

All said and done though, this does look like a pretty incredible diet. Lose up to 15 Lbs in a week or something like that. Obviously if I fear for my health I’ll stop, but I want to see how this turns out. At a touch over 15 stone I’m pretty sure my BMI is waaaay out of wack. And it also means I’m not supposed to use our aluminium step ladders at home either. They have a weight limit (total ) of 15 stone.

I’ll keep you all posted.