The Audi windscreen debacle

So the Audi is now on it’s 3rd windscreen in 6 months. It’s a 2000 model A3 with the 1.8T 150BHP engine and sport pack. I love it and want to keep it running as long as I can. When my Wife and I got back from our honeymoon on the 17th August 2011 we noticed the windscreen had a nice 6-7 inch crack running through it from the drivers A pillar about halfway up. This has been caused while we were away and obviously I was fuming.

I called the insurance company who referred me to their glass repair company. A few days, £70 and one visit later, the screen is repaired and I’m back on the road. However, when the screen was fitted, the plastic trim that meets the bottom of the windscreen was not fixed in correctly and would make an almighty noise when the car would get above 20MPH. At 70 on the motorway the noise was unbearable. The week before last I finally had the glass company back on the phone as the noise wasn’t going away. This despite my efforts to fix it by using window sealant to create a seal, and my garage doing a full service an MOT on the car (including an hour or so just trying to get that panel back into place properly). They agreed that the window had not been fitted properly and agreed to refit it.

So my Wife took the car 5 minutes down the road to the glass place. They had the car for 5 hours and managed to reseat the screen and the panel so they fit snugly. On the way back home, no noise! The next morning what had happened? A massive 9-10 inch stress crack had appeared from the middle-bottom of the screen right into the driver’s view again. Not happy I got the glass place back on the phone. After agreeing a FOC replacement I booked the car in for last Saturday. The screen was duly replaced, the car was not moved for 48 hours and I’m happy to report that the screen is crack free, and the panel has been nicely sealed to the bottom of the windscreen. No wind noise! Yay!

I’ll see how it gets on, but I think it should be fine from now on. Provided I don’t plan on going on another honeymoon any time soon!

Valve is in…

…and I can’t hear a darn thing!

Turns out with the valve being fully recirculating (dumps the air back into the intake, instead of into the atmosphere), you can’t hear it. So I have no idea as to whether or not it’s actually working properly. Guess I have some fine tuning to do. The next step is to add an short ram intake and remove the factory air box. That way when the charged air is dumped back into the intake, I’ll be able to hear that lovely Greddy style “chirp”!

OK. So we’re going for 3rd time lucky…

So I installed the NGR  type S in the car earlier (with the single spring mod). The valve wouldn’t open. I just heard the boost backing up behind the valve leaking out when I turned off the ignition.

I’ve now installed the smaller of the two springs. This means the valve will now open at 9 Hg instead of around 15/16 like before. I’ll try it at some point again this weekend. If it works, you can bet there’ll be a video posted. But not until it is working!

It’s nearly here!

The weekend I mean! But yes, I will also get the final pieces of the puzzle today. This means I’ll finally get to install the NGR valve in the car over the weekend! I’m looking forward to creating the guide to accompany it. It’s a very simple swap once you have the right kit! Tuning it will be a different matter!

Don’t change channel!

NGR Type – S

Yep. I have one. You can read more about the valve here: NGR Type-S Information

Yes, I know the website looks bad, but the product they make is excellent. The fitting of this valve however has been a pain so far. It’s not actually in the car at the moment because I have had to create a fitting kit out of a Greddy Type – RS adapter (wrong thread size), some 32mm ID radiator hose and 4 jubilee clips. I’m pretty sure this will work. Guess I’ll just have to find out!

I’ll keep you posted.